Ya Kun Kaya Toast | ya kun kaya toast สาขา

Ya Kun Kaya Toast

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Ya Kun Kaya Toast

Yakun Kaya Toast in Tokyo – Don’t Recommend =(

My wife and I went to try out Ya Kun Kaya Toast in Shinjuku, Japan. It’s a highly regarded chain from Singapore. The toast is quite good, but the other food was bland. The drinks were also disappointing, so I would not recommend you go here unless you crave the toast!

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Yakun Kaya Toast in Tokyo - Don't Recommend =(

Ya Kun Kaya Toast

Even though they somehow lost the personal touch of founder Loi Ah Kun, the franchised brand is still able to achieve rather high standards. Ah Kun pioneered the thinly sliced brown bread toast that makes it biscuity crispy. Their kaya is best served with a cup of their signature Hainanese coffee and their creamy, wet and runny halfboiled eggs.

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Ya Kun Kaya Toast

Singapore Pride – Ya Kun Kaya Toast

Loi Ah Koon was a 15yearold kopitiam apprentice struggling to survive in Singapore.
Hard work and dedication enabled him to thrive, establishing Ya Kun Kaya Toast as one of Singapore’s most iconic breakfast chains.
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Singapore Pride - Ya Kun Kaya Toast

Coffee, Tea, Egg and Toast – Singapore Local Cafe – Ya Kun Kaya Toast

Serving a humble fare of coffee, tea, egg and toast, Ya Kun Kaya Toast exemplifies how less is more. Generously slathered with their special kaya recipe that stood the test of time, Ya Kun is undoubtedly the choice coffee shop to get your breakfast fix. Start your day right with Ya Kun Kaya Toast.

Coffee, Tea, Egg and Toast - Singapore Local Cafe - Ya Kun Kaya Toast

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