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Making Fresh GOZASOROH,OHBANYAKI,IMAGAWAYAKI in the festival of Japan
‘GOZASOROH’ (OHBANYAKI) is Japanese Sweet food.
Another name of ‘GOZASOROH’ is called ‘OHBANYAKI’ and ‘IMAGAWAYAKI’.
This was cooked in the shop of the festival of Japan.


Japanese GOZA-SOROH Fluffy Cake or Wheel Cake – Free Stock Footage

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Japanese GOZA-SOROH Fluffy Cake or Wheel Cake - Free Stock Footage

Japanese Street Food – \”GOZA-SOROH\” is a cake of Japanese red beans entered【MickyH】

This is Japanese sweet food.
The name is \”GOZASOROH\”.
Japanese culture]Japan food!Taiyaki ! fishshaped pancake filled with bean jam!
Taiyaki Street Food ! Taiyaki making machine ! japanese pancake Tokyo Street Food
Studio Ghibli Store Donguri Garden Tokyo Shop Tokyo Street Anime 2016
[Japanese culture]osaka food okonomiyaki omusoba
[Japanese culture]Japan food!Japanese baumkuchen!nenrinya(ねんりん屋)
[Japanese culture]osaka shinsekai (大阪 新世界 散歩)
[Japanese culture]Osaka castle 3D mapping
Tokyo Street Food Tonkatsu yabaton misokatsu warajitonkatsu
streetfood japanesestreetfood food

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Japanese Street Food - \

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04 09:39 The Lady In Red The Cooltrane Quartet
05 13:26 I Feel It Coming Eve St. Jones
06 17:02 Talking In Your Sleep (Bossa Nova Mix) Ituana \u0026 Groove Da Praia
07 20:50 Company Sarah Menescal
08 23:50 Titanium Banda Do Sul \u0026 Natalie Renoir
09 27:49 Tape Loop Ituana
10 31:00 Last Friday Night (T.G.I.F.) Anakelly, Stereo Dub \u0026 Nova Bossa Ltd.
11 34:30 We Belong Forever (Bossa Mix) Urban Love
12 37:09 Back Down South Stereo Dub Feat. Karen Souza
13 39:54 Shallow Sarah Menescal \u0026 Luca Giacco
14 43:08 I’ve Been Losing You Os Alquimistas, Luca Giacco \u0026 Anakelly
15 46:20 The Sea Amazonics
16 49:50 Lately Celso Mendes \u0026 Julie Benson
17 54:47 Take It Easy Jamie Lancaster
18 58:03 Overprotected Ituana
19 01:01:31 I Just Wanna Stop Michelle Simonal
20 01:03:54 Portuguese Love Amazonics, Apollinare Rossi \u0026 Julie Benson
21 01:07:08 Mistake Number 3 Scubba \u0026 Dinah York
22 01:10:27 Hard Woman Luca Giacco
23 01:14:22 The Rhythm Of The Night Groove Da Praia \u0026 Anakelly
24 01:16:54 Suedehead Urban Love Feat. Luca Giacco
25 01:19:54 Every Rose Has Its Thorn Dinah Eastwood
26 01:24:23 Girls Like You 48th St. Collective Feat. Nikki Ocean
27 01:28:12 All The Love In The World Amazonics
28 01:30:52 Walking On The Chinese Wall Groove Da Praia \u0026 Luca Giacco
29 01:34:35 Crazy Celso Mendes \u0026 Lua
30 01:38:18 More Than A Woman Ituana
31 01:41:16 Behind Blue Eyes Amazonics Feat Michelle Simonal
32 01:45:20 Say Say Say Eve St. Jones
33 01:48:28 Sure Know Something 48th St Collective
34 01:51:34 Let Her Go Dual Sessions
35 01:55:17 Moving Targets Stereo Dub, Dualbox \u0026 EMulation
36 01:59:16 Precious Amazonics
37 02:02:34 Lullaby Freedom Dub
38 02:05:54 There She Goes Quarteto Nova Bossa \u0026 Deise Costa
39 02:08:31 Hurts To Be In Love Michelle Simonal
40 02:11:08 Pink Les Crossaders \u0026 Mandy Jones
41 02:14:35 Stupid Girl 48th St. Collective
42 02:17:01 Blinding Lights Glambeats Corp.
43 02:20:28 Toxic Groove Da Praia \u0026 Mandy Jones
44 02:23:33 Hold On My Heart The Cooltrane Quartet Feat. Luca Giacco
45 02:28:32 Lucky Michelle Simonal
Bossanova ChillOut Covers CoolMusic

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