Future technology vision at FPT Techday

Digital transformation will change in a new direction while metaverse, cloud, AI are considered the future of technology and Vietnam is having the opportunity to lead.

Sharing at the FPT Techday 2022 event on December 15, Mr. Dane Anderson, Senior Vice President of research firm Forrester, commented: “No other country in the region has the opportunity and great potential like Vietnam to do so. develop in the next 10-15 years”. Many large Vietnamese technology companies have made a splash in the international market with impressive products, but the technology strategies used 10-20 years ago are no longer effective.

Dane Anderson, Senior Vice President of research firm Forrester shared at FPT Tech Day 2022, which took place on December 15. Photo: FPT
Mr. Dane Anderson, Vice President of Forrester, at Techday 2022 event on December 15 in Ho Chi Minh City. Photo: FPT

Mr. Anderson cited studies showing that, now, with every dollar spent on technology investment will only improve labor productivity by 1%, while in the past this rate was 3%. According to him, the main reason for this change is that technological solutions are saturating. “For example, with ride-hailing technology, we already have too many applications or too many e-commerce platforms operating under the same model. The technology trend of the future will have to invest in new technologies. New technology can provide superior solutions, “said Mr. Anderson.

Cloud computing

Forrester’s vice president assessed that Vietnam has a special advantage in the new technology trend that is not too dependent on old platforms, so it can be transformed immediately. In that process, cloud computing will be a must-have technology.

He believes that future technology must be highly adaptive, flexible, and innovative, so the cloud will be the key solution for platforms to operate efficiently. “More than two-thirds of technology countries have switched to Hybrid Cloud, 91% use Public Cloud. Cloud is becoming an important platform of innovation. create and enhance the customer experience,” said Anderson.

Sharing the same opinion, Mr. Vu Anh Tu, FPT’s Chief Technology Officer, affirmed that the cloud will be one of the key technologies of the future and FPT will invest VND2,300 billion in these solutions in the next three years.

Blockchain, AI and metaverse

Meanwhile, Mr. Tran Dang Hoa, Chairman of FPT IS, said: “Very soon, in 1-2 years, we will enter the metaverse universe. This is a technological process, cannot go backwards. with blockchain, AI, metaverse will be the third major technology wave FPT is pursuing.”

Metaverse is not only a playground for big players in the world like Meta, Microsoft but in Vietnam, many companies from startups to large corporations have taken early action to catch up with technology. At Techday 2022, FPT demonstrated the akaVerse solution – a platform for applying 3D and VR/AR imaging technology to enhance interaction in the digital world.

A representative of FPT Software revealed that the company is supporting a Japanese electronics manufacturer to build the first virtual store in Vietnam, which can interact on most platforms, from VR glasses to phones. computer. akaVerse is also supporting a domestic bank to enter the metaverse by building a space to showcase the bank’s products and services visually.

According to experts, the metaverse not only changes the way businesses and users interact, but also solves limited physical problems in real life. The application of VR/AR, 3D technology also helps to increase the viewing experience and product interaction of customers, thereby helping businesses increase sales rates.

“Divine Fortuner 4.0”

Continuing the story of digital transformation, Mr. Frank Bignone, Global Digital Transformation Director of FPT Software, said that, in recent years, digital transformation has become a vital factor for many organizations. However, in the future, digital transformation will no longer be a replacement but will be a decision making, helping organizations to flexibly adapt to changes in the market.

According to Mr. Bignone, after digitizing data, digital transformation will help intelligent analysis, using the power of computers to come up with suitable scenarios. Leveraging the power of BigData, AI, and cloud will help leaders avoid making wrong decisions. “In the next year, more than 33% of large enterprises globally will rely on digital transformation to make smart decisions. At that time, AI scenarios will act as a ‘fortune 4.0’. help leaders get the fastest selection,” Mr. Bignone said.

However, he also noted that “divine 4.0” will also have issues to keep in mind. The first is that not all businesses have enough data and people to make decisions based on data. Second, technology companies need to pay attention to transparency. Decisions suggested by AI must be based on reliable, unbiased input data

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