Christina Grimmie – I Wont Give Up (The Voice Highlight) | give it a shot là gì | Kho tài liệu tổng hợp hữu ích nhất

Có phải là bạn đang cần tìm Tin tức về give it a shot là gì phải không? Có phải là bạn đang muốn tìm hiểu danh sách ý nghĩa về chủ đề Christina Grimmie – I Wont Give Up (The Voice Highlight) đúng vậy không? Nếu đúng như vậy thì mời bạn xem nó ngay tại đây.

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Christina Grimmie – I Wont Give Up (The Voice Highlight) | Kho tài liệu tổng hợp mới nhất miễn phí dành cho bạn.

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Christina Grimmie đưa tất cả những gì cô ấy có cho “Tôi sẽ không từ bỏ.” Đăng ký The Voice: »Nhận nhiều hơn nữa The Voice: …

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Christina Grimmie – I Wont Give Up (The Voice Highlight) và hình ảnh liên quan đến bài viết này .

Christina Grimmie – I Wont Give Up (The Voice Highlight)

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Christina Grimmie – I Wont Give Up (The Voice Highlight).

give it a shot là gì.

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37 thoughts on “Christina Grimmie – I Wont Give Up (The Voice Highlight) | give it a shot là gì | Kho tài liệu tổng hợp hữu ích nhất”

  1. Here are two female Korean singers of very high note. One is So Hyang [One of the World Best 6 Vocalists on Critic of Music, World Vocal Assessment Site.(Vocal Rating : STAR). D3-C#6-A6-Eb7. Soul, R&B, Jazz, CCM, Pretty Voice, Resonance, Delivery, Delicate, Ethereal, Stunning, Eyes-watering, Out of This World. She overcome cancer and pneumonia. Lirico Soprano. Amazing points are below.].
    The other is Park Kiyoung(F6. Rock, Cross-over, World No.1 youtube views of Nella Fantasia).
    1. So Hyang
    1) Bridge over troubled water
    (Despite the high notes, she emphasized Chest Voice. Incredible!)
    2) You raise me up
    (She struggled against pneumonia and phlegm which is fatal to a singer, and was told not to say even a word by a doctor. But she turned a deaf ear to this advice and by a miracle suceeded in this stage in the middle of an IV. But after this performance, she dread this disease(only singers can know), became lethargic and was rarely seen in public for about 2 years. One day she saw and was inspired by the words of Roosevelt, "There is nothing to fear but fear itself."  Then she returned.)
    3) I have nothing
    4) Lean on me
    5) I will always love you
    6) Arirang alone
    7) Misty (Jazz)
    8) Hug me
    -> This song is a dialogue between lovers. Whenever So Hyang sings this song, she is about to cry. So I guess, in my opinion, this song can be a dialogue between a human and God. I heard she was upset that she had pneumonia and lost her voice. While she struggled against pneumonia, she sang this song.
    (1)(She was sitting because she was sick.) (eng sub)
    (2)(Very Emotional! Resonance!)
    9) Oh holy night
    10) Dream (very very high note)
    11) Everyone
    [She said this song was the hardest for her. At 5:43, she said, "Who comforts me when I am lonley? It's you(everyone)."]
    12) In the garden
    13) Diva project-Mermaid (Music. eng sub)
    14) Where are you
    15) The prayer
    16) Beauty and the beast
    17) My love (Dear love)
    18) Fate
    19) Running in the sky
    (In sound quality,  the second one is better than the first one whose sound quality is stuffy. By the way,  you can  hear Nei Nei~ of warming up her voice.)
    20) I can only imagine
    21) Home
    22) Never enough
    23) Breathe
    24) If I ain't got you
    25) Power of Love, Running in the sky
    26) I won't give up
    27) The day was sunny kiss
    (The day when sunshine kissed me)
    28) Amazing grace
    29) My heart will go on
    30) I always miss you
    31) Do you know
    32) Never Ending Story
    33) Last promise (drama 'A promise with God' OST)
    34) Childish adult (duet with JK Kim Dong-wook. John Kim)
    35) You are the reason (duet with Jung Seung-Hwan)
    36) Please
    37) Monalisa
    38) Day day (RAP)
    39) His eye is on the sparrow & Korean national anthem
    40) Love poem
    41) Only one thing (drama 'Horse Doctor' OST)
    42) How can I love the heartbreak, I'm just in love with you. (duet with Shin Yong-Jae) 어떻게 이별까지 사랑하겠어, 널 사랑하는거지
    43) The fool (duet with Shin Yong-Jae)
    44) The little mermaid OST
    45) The greatest love of all
    46) Marvine gaye
    47) A little peace, Will you be there
    48) Beautiful words (Drama 'Navillera' OST.  2021_4_13. Navillera means 'It's like a butterfly.')
    49) Upon this Rock (eng kor sub)
    50) King of masked singer Medley
    51) SoHyang Begin Again compilation
    52) One of the best singers ever
    53) Soahyang's Virtuosity and Extreme Vocals
    54) SoHyang Coloratura techniques
    55) Proof! SoHyang is an angel! Heavenly vocals(소향)
    56) 소향Sohyang Talks about her Mixed Voice+Demonstration
    57) Top 3 of each note, A4-C6 So Hyang version
    58) Best of SoHyang 소향 Full Vocal Range
    59) SoHyang 소향 Begin Again Korea Vocal Range
    60) SoHyang – 김소향 Full Vocal Analysis
    61) SoHyang 소향 Vocal Highlights 2020! Is she better now?
    62) 소향 So Hyang Best High Notes Live
    63) 소향 So Hyang Vocal Agility
    64) ETC : Flashlight, US national anthem for NBA game, Did you forget, Dear friend, Memory, It's only my world, As I live, One moment in time, For thousand days, Stuck with U, Stay, Wind song, Only my heart knows, Have yourself a merry little Christmas, I'll be there, Perhaps love, All I ask of you, Love is a many splendored thing, I will go to you like the first snow, I miss you.
    * The meaning of her name is to have and enjoy brightness. Her dream was not a singer and she started singing when 18 years old. Her fans always worry about her health. By the way, her health and musical ability are getting better.

    <One of the Amazing Points of So Hyang>
    1.Upper range (e.g. climax)
    1)Ordinary singers: Head voice or Falsetto
    2)SH: Mixed voice['Chest voice' + Head voice in a balanced way(e.g.50:50)]
    -> harder, thicker, stronger, sharper and more powerful tone(쨍한 소리) can deliver effectively and emotionally. Every word is punching your soul. 🙂
    2.Middle range
    1)Ordinary singers: Chest voice
    2)SH: Mixed voice[Chest voice + 'Head voice' in a balanced way(e.g.50:50)]
    -> softer, thinner, lighter, purer, clearer and more transparent tone.


    2. Park Kiyoung
    (So Hyang's best friend.They performed together the musical, 'Sound of Music' in 2013.)
    1) Nella Fantasia
    (She found out her opera talent very late.)
    (Bae Da-hae version is also good. )
    2) O holy night
    3) I Dreamt I Dwelt In Marble Halls
    4) Lonely night
    5) Yeonan Pier
    6) Adieu drawn on window (유리창에 그린 안녕)
    7) As time goes by (세월이 가면)
    8) Spring Rain
    9) Even so from now on(그래도 이제는)
    10) Good bye
    11) Hwa (화和. a lover's name)
    12) Interview & Nella Fantasia short Live. Yoo heeyeol's Sketchbook(2021_04_30)
    13) Park Kiyoung – 박기영- Best High Notes
    14) Park Kiyoung – 박기영- Vocal Range (C#3-F6-Eb6)
    15) Park Kiyoung (박기영)  Updated 2018/2019 Vocal Range 음역대
    – The End –

  2. You feel absolutely every word in every single song she sang. I'm still pissed that she's gone. She was no doubt the perfect mix of Whitney Houston and Mariah Carey with a preppy Avril Levine look – somehow she made that possible!

  3. I only heard of her 15 minutes ago and I can understand why someone would miss her and grieve for her THIS YOUNG GAL SHE WOULD HAVE SURELY BEEN AN INTERNATIONAL POWER BY 2025 not that she wasn’t already a power but she would have taken her life to a NEW LEVEL and her Brother would have been right there with her

    So why ask if why anyone would miss her ? the proof is in her powerful presence


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