Black \u0026 White 2: Battle of the Gods – Part 2 | black and white 2 ไทย

Black \u0026 White 2: Battle of the Gods – Part 2

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Black \u0026 White 2: Battle of the Gods Part 2
Black \u0026 White 2: Battle of the Gods is the expansion to the god game and city simulator and real time strategy game all in one. Take control of a giant creature that helps you with your godly duties. Go head to head with another god who is after your power!
Sroxah plays Black \u0026 White 2: Battle of the Gods for the PC.

Black \u0026 White 2: Battle of the Gods - Part 2

Black \u0026 White 2 – Battle of the Gods – Game End

Earthquake for the win!

Black \u0026 White 2 - Battle of the Gods - Game End

New HD Texture Pack! Ep. 001 | Black \u0026 White 2 Gameplay

A new high resolution texture pack mod was released for Black and White 2 and I had to play it. It’s an old game at this point but definitely worth playing if you haven’t seen it before. New HD Texture Pack! | Black \u0026 White 2 Gameplay
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Drybear BlackAndWhite2 Black\u0026White2
Music by Epidemic Sound

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New HD Texture Pack! Ep. 001 | Black \u0026 White 2 Gameplay

Black \u0026 White 2 (2005) – PC Gameplay 4k 2160p / Win 10

Black \u0026 White 2 (2005) PC Gameplay 4k 2160p / Win 10

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Useful infos / how to run:
Try these if game is not working:
▪ dgVoodoo 2
▪ DxWnd
▪ Turn Off DEP (Data Execution Prevention) in Windows
▪ Play with compatibility settings
▪ If you can’t install a game in Windows 10 directly, download and install Windows XP 32bit for example.Then install game there and move files to Win 10 (sometimes you need to export and edit registry too).
Black \u0026 White 2 is a video game developed by Lionhead Studios and published by Electronic Arts released in October 2005. It is the sequel to 2001’s Black \u0026 White. A Mac OS X port was released in January 2009, and released for download via the Mac App Store in November 2014.The game blends realtime strategy and god game elements.
The player takes the role of a god called from the void (nothingness) to help the villagers who invoked them. The player must help develop their nature according to their good or evil desires. The player is physically represented in the world as an avatarlike creature, which takes the form of a giant anthropomorphic ape, lion, wolf, turtle, cow, or tiger. The creature can grow to an immense size, and adopt a good or evil persona[clarification needed]. They develop their character as the player rewards or punishes their actions. In addition to the god simulation and citybuilding elements introduced in the original Black \u0026 White, Black \u0026 White 2 also features elements of realtime strategy gameplay, with the addition of controllable warfare and fighting units.
Black \u0026 White 2 features a more conventional headsup display (HUD) system than its predecessor. Rather than the experimental HUDless gameplay seen in the original game, Black \u0026 White 2 features HUD notifications that inform players of their creature’s state of mind, the effects of their actions on their creature, the status of villages, etc. The user interface is almost buttonless. The player sees little else on the screen but the world, the player’s hand, and toolbars which the player can make disappear.
The only way the player can directly interact with this world is through the player’s hand, which can be used to pick up people, trees, food, and influence[clarification needed] the ground. The player can also cast miracles for a certain amount of \”Prayer Power\” (in essence, \”Mana\”), which comes from the player’s believers.
Two creatures battling in the Greek city.
To do things such as cast miracles, the player moves the hand in such a way to make a symbol on the ground, referred to as a gesture. This activates the miracle, and if the player has enough Prayer Power, it appears in the player’s hand ready to cast. Miracles have a variety of different uses. There are six ordinary miracles: fire, lightning, water, shield, heal, and meteor, (each of which can be thrown or poured), and four epic wonders[clarification needed]: siren, hurricane, earthquake, and volcano.
Black \u0026 White 2 can be played in three ways: Good, Evil, or combination of the two. Evil involves the use of fear, torture, conquest and destruction using armies along with the creation of building such as a pit of torture. Good involves benevolence, more positive city building, and looking after the populace, particularly defending it from attacks. Both of these require ore and wood, of which there is a limited amount.
The player’s tribe is the Greeks. Other tribes include Egypt, Norse, Aztec, and Japanese.
As in Black \u0026 White, players can create disciples to do the player’s job in certain areas of the game while the player tends to other business. For example, if the player needs to lead an invasion, they can set villagers, and even their creature to farm for them while they lead an invasion.

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░▒▓ PC Hardware ▓▒░
CPU: Intel Core i7 8700K
RAM: 32 GB
GPU: GeForce RTX 2080 SUPER
OS: Windows 10 64bit

░▒▓ Recording HW/SW ▓▒░
Nvidia Share

Black \u0026 White 2 (2005) - PC Gameplay 4k 2160p / Win 10

Let’s Play Black \u0026 White 2 | Pt. 1 – Throwing Rocks

And trying to survive overlylong tutorials. The actual resolution of this LP is gonna be 1440 x 900, so it’ll show up as 720p, but is actually closer to 1080p.

Let's Play Black \u0026 White 2 | Pt. 1 - Throwing Rocks

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